Not Germany but Haiti

More ways to help:
For UK readers
For readers from Germany.

They are already in Haiti, which makes them first responders, but unfortunately means that they were in harms way. I´ve been donating to SOS every month and for emergencies for more than 20 years. Give whereever you can. The first link demonstrates very nicely how far our “small” contributions go in Haiti.

SOS started off with one house and a mother to orphans in Austria, organized by a medical student who felt for the many orphans left behind by the devastation of WWII. From this one house and this one family, many houses, whole villages and many ways of bringing smiles back to little childrens faces grew.

Again we are faced by a tragedy. It happened to us in Europe. Let´s not look away when it happens in another part of the world. Every little contribution matters.



PS An afterthought: If you know of any worthwhile agencies feel free to list them in the comments. Thankyou

PPS Another update: In case you have become unsure about who to donate to in Germany, use this list at . This list is being advertised by the German Government. Thankyou and keep giving….


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3 responses to “Not Germany but Haiti

  1. Lani

    You have many fans on Mudflats Forum who hope you will continue to share your American-European viewpoint with them.

    • Hi, lovely to “see” you on my blog. Hope my dear mudflatting friends are all doing just fine and dandy. The thought of all you wonderful people helps me keep my spirits up. I must be fine with such great friends! Thankyou.

  2. Lani

    Letters, we miss you on the flats. Are you ok?

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