My mother is a great cook. Here you find some of her best recipes.   ©Truegerman


500 g flour

250 g butter

125 g sugar

2 eggs

bit of salt, vanillia sugar

Knead the Mürbteig with cool hands  till the butter is completely dissolved, then let it cool for an hour. Spread it with a rolling pin and cut out shapes.

For the icing press real lemon juice out of a lemon and slowly add and stirr powder sugar (sieved) till the icing is smooth. For decoration use anything you want, but you have to stick it on  before the icing is dry.


This cake is a must in my family. Every year before Christmas, my mother travels 200 miles to bring 4 Linzertorte. The cake originates from the Austrian town Linz,but has become a staple christmas tradition all over south Germany as well. If you try it, you will know why.

250 g flour

250 g butter

200 g sugar

250 g almonds (ground)

1 egg

1 tablespoon real cacao

1 tablespoon cinnamon

a bit of clove

6 tablespoons of Kirschwasser (a schnapps made from cherries)

With the ingredients prepare a piecrust by kneading, then cool it for half an our. Roll it out to fit into a round pie form, but leave a bit of dough to cut 1cm stripes to form a grid on the cake. Before baking, spread jam on it (my mother uses a blend of raspberry and red currant jam she specially prepares for Linzertorte), cover everything with the grid of dough and then bake it in the oven for half an hour (175 degree Celcius).

Makes two cakes.

2 responses to “Recipes

  1. bubbles

    dear letters from europe“`you have a very nice blog here. .my son in law is german and i have visited Nurnberg , Frankfort and enjoyed a magical christmas week at Mondsee Lake and Salzburg..if you look on the forum you will see him pictured at the New York City mud-meet. he is eating brian. i will see him next week and show him this blog. he will like it…..bubs

    • Hi Bubbles, thanks for dropping in and glad you enjoy our stories. Germany is a great place to be. We have a public option! 😉
      Apart from that I see that you have enjoyed many of the beautiful sights too and you were not far from here. I am in Frankfurt (on the Main). Most people just come through here because of the airport, but there are actually some sights too. Have a great day and week-end

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