Last post

Dear friends,

last week, Francesca died.

As this blog was a shared project of two friends, this is my last post.

There will be  no other story.




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8 responses to “Last post

  1. Dewi Jung

    I will never forget your smile, you were so beautiful person Francesca. You gave me believe, love and light.

    So now you are an ANGEL in LIGHT.
    Thank you dear Francesca. My love to you will never ending.

    rest in peace, Francesca
    dont think about us, please.

    your Grace

  2. Jill (@bonnjill)

    I am so sorry for your loss. Mein richtiges Beileid. I enjoyed your blog very much.

  3. Andrea

    I won’t see you anymore, I won’t hear you anymore. You will come to me in my dreams telling me, maybe in a whisper,
    everything will be
    all right.
    I love you Francesca!

  4. Stephan Krueger

    Meine Klassenkameradin Francesca lebt nicht mehr? Ich kann das nicht glauben. Ich bin sprachlos, fassungslos. Es tut mir so unendlich leid. Ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll. Sie war der einzige Mensch aus unserer ehem. Schule zu der ich überhaupt Kontakt hatte und jetzt das.
    Mir fehlen die Worte.

  5. Richard Hover

    Bye, bye, Francesca! I will always remember you.

    Your classmate


  6. sam common

    Hello Truegerman,
    I am so sorry for your loss, I know Francesca must have meant the world to you.
    I have some information on a relative of yours here in the US, I would like to email you directly and then have this person email you if that is possible.

  7. burntd0g

    Happy Birthday, Francesca!

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