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18 responses to “Join our Mailing List

  1. Joe Peper

    Pls add me to the reminder list. The blog is wonderful in that it links my interest in the Curley family with my German background from the Peper/Pastuer family.

  2. Frank Gluth


    Yes, definitley subscribe me to your blog. Desire to stay in touch with the Krueger family.

  3. Heide Joy

    Please add me to your mailing list. It is very interesting for me because of my German background.


  4. Catherine

    Please add me. German mother (and German anscestors on my father’s side) and six years of childhood living in Mainz. My heart is half there, half here.

  5. Hi Catherine, Mainz is a nice town. No wonder you miss it. Sometimes we have the chance to go there and take a walk along the riverside.
    Welcome to our blog.

  6. Nikolay

    Please add me, Russian man, who lives in USA, but very like Germany traditions.

  7. Hi, sign me up. I am a Californian, living in Berlin-Kreuzberg, an area supposedly so alternative and anti-the rest of Germany BUT there is still so much car-domination and other things which I believe you have some interesting perspectives on.


  8. Sallie Cauthers

    Francesca ~ How wonderful this is! Being back in the states now for 2 years, I’m really missing my “real” home. AND, I finally have your mama’s Linzer Torte recipe – yeh! The best! I loved your story about your dad’s history – your interpretation is very sentimental and touching. Cheers!

    • Dear Sallie, I´m glad you got the recipe from Truegerman´s mum. Ìf it is anything like the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte Truegerman´s son can make, it must be a dream!

      And thanks for the compliment regarding my Dad´s story. It really writes itself. He is just a good Dad and I wish all children could have a Dad like him.

      Has it been two years already?

  9. Kris Pratt


    I’d love a weekly reminder. I currently live in Minnesota with my husband and we’re seriously thinking about moving to Germany. Trying to absorb any and all information we can get from American’s that have done that same thing.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kris, thanks for joining. You happen upon us in a moment in which our posts are a bit irregular until I have sorted out my move (end of this month! Yay!!). In the meantime enjoy our old posts and I hope you find a lot of life-experience material that helps you. Let us know what you have decided. I guess you have been to Germany and enjoyed it. That is good to hear.

  10. Nicole Hornberger

    Hallo, ich habe durch reinen Zufall diesen Blog entdeckt, weil ich eben aus Jux “Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän” in meine Suchmaschine eintippte, nachdem mir eine Freundin einen Artikel ueber ein anderes sehr langes deutsches Wort schickte. I am intrigued! I have always loved languages, which leads to such things as collecting long or odd words and creating a list I called “Vom Aussterben bedrohte pfaelzische Woerter”. I am currently practicing my Spanish in Panama, where I arrived after 20 years in Canada. Haven’t had a chance to surf through your older blog entries yet but am looking forward to the reminders about the new ones 🙂
    Nicole in PTY
    P.S.: “Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz” war das andere Wort!

  11. Miranda Miller Please add me to the list.

  12. wöchentliche Erinnerung bitte

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